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The Underwater Environment is
Calling for Help

This is our story


Beach Cleanups


Coastal Cleanups

What we do


Marine Parks

In Greece, the creation of marine protected areas has not yet been implemented even though it has been part of the country's commitments for years as a member of the EU.


Protection of Poseidonia

Inadequate protection of posidonia oceanica threatens the sustainability of Mediterranean ecosystems.


Educational Programs

To protect the environment in the long term it is important today to lay the foundations for tomorrow's responsible citizens. Our children!

What's happening today?

The world's oceans and operation create the conditions for Earth to be habitable by humanity.

The loss of marine biodiversity and marine habitats is a constant challenge for the seas both globally and at the European level. 

The danger and the necessity of immediate intervention have been highlighted, but to date the results of the policies and interventions have not yielded.


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