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Our story

The healing (iaSEAs) is an environmental organization officially created in 2021 in Kefalonia, by a group of professional divers whose life course is inextricably linked to the sea and who for the last 30 years by profession have experienced the changes in the marine environment as part of the underwater world. The danger of the sea and marine life is a reality. Observing the changes gradually, the reason for the creation of iaSEAs was the Mediterranean hurricane Janos in September 2020 which particularly hit our place, Kefalonia.

marine biodiversity and marine habitats loss, is an ongoing challenge

Our mission

To hand over to the next generations as a heritage the aquatic environment sustainable in such a way that the management of the human footprint ensures its longevity.

Because, life in the sea in a few years will not exist

Our Vision

The creation of marine protected areas in the Ionian region  to protect Mediterranean marine biodiversity

The application of special mooring techniques for the protection of posidonia (Posidonia oceanica) in the tourist areas, with an emphasis on the areas of Lefkada - Preveza - Kefalonia, which have a lot of traffic from boats [1]  

The creation of experiential educational programs with the aim of developing environmental awareness in students and young people

We follow the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

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